Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Already?

Just to start this post off, while typing out the title I felt like I spelled Wednesday wrong even though it wasn't. Every once in a while I will be writing/typing and certain words just don't look right even though they are correctly spelled. I feel like an idiot for one second, spell check it, then realize I am not an idiot and just having a special moment. :) 

Aaaanyways...I was excited to show off my new picture that Brian drew for me. I came across this picture online of a deer with his antlers as a tree. Now...not only was I just excited to have a new piece to hang on the walls, but Brian has NEVER recreated anyone else's work and I remember quite well him stating he never would. So when he came to me asking if I wanted him to make this piece I immediately said yes! I really love the color and that he used charcoal instead of paint for the deer. Here is Brian's homage to FM365's piece: