Wednesday, October 22, 2014


After staying in Rome for about 4 days we had planned to rent a car and drive to a winery in Chianti for one night before hitting up Florence. I will just add that I will NEVER rent a car again in Italy unless I absolutely need to. Actually, now that we know where to get the car and where to drop it off maybe I will do it again. The amount of time we spent trying to locate the rental car place in Rome, wait in the line to get the car and find the rental drop off in Florence must have equaled at least 4.5 hours. Exhausting. The actual driving part however was great...being able to go where we please, make stops, etc. I drove because the car was manual and actually found driving through downtown Rome and Florence was pretty easy. Brian said he was really nervous probably because he wasn't the one in control. But if it weren't for his excellent navigating skills we would probably still be stuck in Rome trying to exit a dang roundabout.
The winery was one of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed at and also one of the most relaxing. The staff was super friendly and very accommodating. One funny bit was after unloading the car in their "loading/unloading parking" I had to move the car to the lot below. The guy telling me where to go literally had to chase me down and correct me like 3x because I kept thinking I was going the right way but obviously wasn't. I'm sure he thought I wasn't fit for driving but to my defense this long skinny driveway down to the lot was not easy to spot! Even though Rome was my favorite city Tuscany is without a doubt  breathtaking and will always hold a special place in my heart. 
 Our trusty steed 
 Look hands!

 We had an incredible meal at the winery. I even tricked Brian into eating lamb which he always claims to hate. He ate every last crumb
And of course the wine they produced was amazing
P.S. Need a driver to tote you around Italy? I'm your gal! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rome Part 2

                           I'm back! With more pictures of Rome.                                

  One must have at least 2 espresso or cappuccino stops per day

We were so thankful there were these drinking fountains scattered around each city we visited

Forum...taking a much needed shade break

Taking mental notes for future house projects...I'll take this tile floor!

Sunset picture of the Vatican
Dorky self portrait in a restaurant that housed the picture below
Love her!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Rome Part 1

Well here I am trying to figure out how to choose only a few pictures out of the 1 million that I have taken. Impossible. So I will have to break them up into sections. It's a lot of pictures but not all...I'll spare you.
 It has been 1 week since we have been back and I am STILL super jet lagged. I am going to sleep around 9 and have this lingering nausea and upset stomach. Don't worry, I looked it up and it's common :) 
Anyways, let's start with Roma. Rome was my favorite city! Last time I went to Rome it was only for a weekend and absolutely loved it so I knew it would be even better coming back. It had the best food, the Romans were the most friendly and the city is absolutely beautiful with all the hustle and bustle. I just about died with love seeing the Roman women riding their adorable bicycles to work dressed to the nine weaving through cars, some even chatting on their cell phone and/or smoking their cigarettes. In fact, Italy is trying to pass a new law that bicycle riders would no longer be able to talk on their mobiles or smoke while riding because it's "dangerous." haha! In my opinion, you can't take that away from just can't!
I already can't wait to go back
 Our room
 Spanish Steps...under construction like so many things were

 Piazza Navona...our favorite piazza/fountain to visit at night since the Trevi was also under construction (completely covered and drained)
 Brian always got the hazelnut and I always got pistachio
 Tiber River...we loved strolling along the river
 View from the Vatican Museum
 Vatican Museum
 Vatican Museum
 Vatican's just as important to look at the floor as it is the ceilings and walls (everywhere, not just the vatican)
 Vatican Museum
 Espresso Break

  Castel Sant'Angelo
 View from the castle

 To be continued...