Thursday, May 31, 2012

So I had my first orchestra practice on Tuesday evening. To my surprise there were 2 other viola players! Two older ladies that were very nice. One of them hadn't picked up her instrument in 55 years...and she did better than I could have if I hadn't played in that long. And the other a California native as well. In the first hour I found myself getting caught up on things that were hindering my mood and stopping me from having a good time. We started playing the first piece and I literally cringed. There were so many wrong and out of tune notes...and the strings were by far the worst. It makes me laugh now that I think back to it. It was like a crazy rodeo and every time the conductor counted us in it was as if she just said "let em' rip!" There were other details that totally threw me off but I had to remind myself that this was just an orchestra to have fun with...we weren't gearing up for some competition and we wouldn't be reprimanded for not sounding perfect. And I am happy to report that after playing for 2 hours we sounded MUCH better than the first 5 minutes. So that was very reassuring.  
It felt so good to be back with a group playing my viola which I loved doing for many years. It's just not the same playing alone. If I played the guitar or piano I think I might feel differently. 
If you know me you already know music is so important to me...playing, listening to my music, discovering new bands, etc. With my new schedule here in Washington I literally have music playing for hours every day. It will always remain important to me. Growing up my parents were constantly playing the music they loved over the stereo and I know I will do the same. 

Here's a tune for you mom and dad! 

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