Monday, May 14, 2012

This Weekend

I am so sad this weekend is over!!! It was such a lovely two days...the weather was spectacular, I got to spend both days with Brian and some friends, and do a little exploring. On Saturday we woke up and made pancakes, bacon and coffee. We discovered that Silverlake was only about a mile away from our house so we went to go check it out. They were having some kind of fishing event and tons of boats were floating around. We decided we wanted to hang out there longer so we drove back home to get some towels, sandwiches and sunscreen. I couldn't believe that this beautiful lake was so close and felt like 1000 miles away from our strip mall neighborhood. Then in the evening we stayed home, made some dinner and discovered a new show...Alaskan Gold Diggers (I think that's the name). Sunday we went wine tasting with our friends Noah and Rachel in Woodinville. It's such a cute area with tons of wineries to check out. One of the wineries Noah and Rachel belong to has outdoor concerts through the summer so we bought tickets to see Blondie in September. Pretty excited! Chris Isaak is also playing...still waiting on my parents to give me a date when they are coming up so that concert is a maybe. After doing some wine tasting we went back to Rachel and Noah's for a bbq. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for an outside bbq and Brian was excited to learn how to make beer. It's a light beer so I am pretty excited about it myself. 


BBQ Time

Brian giving Noah a hard time-two peas in a pod those two

Beer is a brewin'

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