Thursday, June 28, 2012


I was fortunate to have been given some b-day money this month so yesterday I went out and got a couple new items. Yay! So today knowing I was going to drop off my resume at Anthropologie I put on my new dress and felt like a hundred bucks. I drove into the city this afternoon and walked into the store hoping that they were still hiring. And they were! I was so relieved. I filled out my application in the store and brought an UN-CRUMPLED version of my resume. I didn't want a repeat of last time. After I finished filling out the application I met the manager and and talked with her for a couple minutes. She seemed very nice and was happy that I could start at the beginning of August because that is when they will be hiring next. So it worked out perfectly. Next month I will have a group interview...I have only done that once before and it was a bit strange so I guess I will see how it goes. Too many people trying to stand out is what I remember. However, she seemed to like me and hopefully a good first impression will give me a leg up in the interview. I decided to not apply at H&M for a few reasons. I have spent quite a few days thinking about what happened in the Apple store and meeting Sean from Southern CA. When I told him I was going to apply to Anthro, he said it's quite difficult to get a job there (his girlfriend wasn't accepted there)  and pretty much inferred that I probably wouldn't get in and that I should apply to H&M. Well...that definitely rubbed me the wrong way. Secondly, he mentioned his girlfriend worked there and could put in a good word for me. That was very nice of him. But then he went on to tell us how his girlfriend needs a good girlfriend, how she wants to lose weight for their wedding (he mentioned that bc he knew Brian works at the gym), and I basically felt like I was being set up to become this girl's new best friend. The word Clingon kept flashing in my head and I felt a little weird about the whole thing. So...I kind of went into town today knowing I wasn't going to apply there even though I brought two resumes with me. When I got home I officially emailed the manager at Nordstrom telling her I wouldn't be applying there. I just have a gut feeling that isn't the place for me just like H&M isn't. And I decided I was going to go with my gut and not settle for some job I will hate. If I am going to work retail hours I want to love my job dammit! :) I am very blessed not having to worry about finding a job right away and am able to take my time finding the right one. 
On another note we've got Sally and David coming on Saturday and A LOT of housework to get done. Yikes! 

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