Monday, June 11, 2012

Well this weekend went by pretty fast. Thats how it goes unfortunately. Friday I had my regular video chat with my parents. They were having a bbq at the house so I got to catch up with close family friends. If we didn't have video chat these days I think I would be way more home sick. So I am grateful for the technology!! Saturday I had my volunteering then after Brian and I went to costco to get some hot dogs. Sometimes that is the best $1.50 ever spent. There is just something about the hot dog and diet coke. SO good and we are definitely going through a phase. Then we went to the Lynnwood mall for the first time. Our mall here in Everett totally sucks. It's always dead. However, it is fortunate for the music program I'm in...because its so dead they were able to get the space for next to nothing so in that respect it's great. Saturday night we hung out at home and had a very late dinner...about 10pm! It gets dark much later and that kind of throws off our whole schedule. I am liking it. Sunday Brian and I went to Woodinville for some wine tasting. That was great fun...I did a sparkling wine tasting for the first time. Then we had lunch at a brewery which also held tours for $1.00 so we took it after we ate. Fun to see the process but the guy leading the tour was pretty annoying. His whole spiel was poorly scripted and he thought he was SO funny and super clever. Unfortunately for us he wasn't. But boy was that place crowded!! There were hardly any parking spots and SO many bikes. That't the place to be I guess. Then after lunch we went back to one of the wineries that has a pond/man made lake where we relaxed. Brian read his book and I nodded off for a bit. And here we are today. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Our brewery glasses we tasted from

Brian was able to hoist me up the tree! 


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  1. I love you guys and am so glad you are having fun exploring and enjoying each others company. I have been to Woodinville before with Matt and Heather and we had such a great time! We all miss you and Bri like crazy down here. It's just not the same without you guys. Love you!!