Sunday, July 15, 2012

Visitors Pt. 2

Miss Jodie came to visit us! Our second overnight visitor so far. She stayed with us for just a couple days but we had loads of fun. We went to the Theo Chocolate Factory which just happened to be located in the Fremont neighborhood. I hadn't been there yet so that was a nice surprise! It was so neat to see chocolate being made on such a larger scale than what I have ever experienced. Note to future visitors...I will definitely be willing to visit the factory many more times :)

Jodie and I in our hair nets at Theo Chocolate Factory

Our funny and passionate tour guide

Poor Jodie had to wear some booties that refused to stay over her flip flops

Chocolate Nibs...Delicious!

They have adorable packaging! 

After our chocolate feast we decided to grab some lunch at the Red Door in Fremont

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  1. So much fun! I am totally stealing these pics :o) Also, I really want another blackberry pear cider...