Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Friday!

Wow, well this week kind of just flew by. Boy am I glad it's Friday. Today Brian is having is club manager interview/panel so I am hoping that goes really well. He looked so cute this morning dressed in slacks, button down shirt and skinny black tie. What a looker that boy! :) Alright alright...enough of that. I always loved one piece of advice that I received from a former boss...she said marry someone that is smarter than you and that inspires you. It's great to be challenged and learn new things from each other. I really do feel like I found that and will pass that tid-bit on to others. (I just hope Brian feels the same way about me! haha)
Dinner last night was kind of boring...I used what we had in the house so as far as calorie counting goes it wasn't a success. I defrosted 2 frozen chicken breasts which I baked in the oven with olive oil, some fresh herbs from our little indoor garden and garlic then once done I put pesto on top. We also had some leftover potatoes hanging around so I mashed them. It was pretty dang good. I feel like my default meal has become baked chicken because you really can make it however you want and just throw it in the oven! 
I have suddenly become ADD and started all these projects. I bought fake flowers and a wreath to make my own autumn wreath. Can I just say that pre-done wreaths in stores are so expensive!! What the heck! Like $60 bucks? Really? What a rip. So last Christmas I made my own and had a good time doing it so I just might make it a little tradition. I also saw a fun little way to spice up my light switch plates. Is that what they are called? Anyways, I bought some leopard print duct tape and am going to cover the plates with it. Not every one...don't worry. I'm not turning the apartment into a jungle. Just a few. I still need to paint my little California canvas. I finished taping the design so I need Brian to mix the paints for me. I was thinking a mustard yellow to go with the plum Washington canvas. Lastly...I took a trip to Goodwill yesterday and found a few goodies. One was a French text book. This little lady is going to learn some basic French! I have always wanted to but never did so for a $3 dollar book I think I can afford that. Plus if you don't know about Duolingo it's a free resource to learn another language! Check it out if you are a language person. I am starting French on that program. 
The last news I have for you is that yesterday I got my Washington license plates. I have mixed feelings about it...maybe the drivers around here won't be such jerks on the road anymore? That would be a plus huh? Getting my new license and plates has been such a cinch! Compared to getting everything done in CA...boy what a relief. No waiting at the dmv for HOURS, the people aren't was great. 
With that, I will leave you with the band of the week....The Black Crowes. I have been listening to them nonstop all week! 

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