Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday Pot Roast

On Sunday we had a couple of friends over for a later lunch. I wanted to make something hot and comforting because the weather is much cooler now so I decided I would make a pot roast. Usually I will make it in the crock pot but because I didn't have 8 hours to roast the meat I went with a dutch oven roast. It turned out pretty tasty...not as tender as the crock pot option but still pretty good. I served the roast, sauteed green beans and my guests brought soda bread and homemade butter.  I also squeezed in some baby red potatoes in the crock pot. 
Just a quick tip, I would puree the gravy in either a large food processor with a hole on top or a blender. I have a tiny food processor with no hole at the top so it literally overflowed and exploded all over me TWICE. I have burns on my wrist, I had gravy all over my new sweater and my kitchen was a disaster. Lesson learned.  

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