Friday, November 2, 2012


It's finally the weekend! This week has felt a tad bit longer than usual, perhaps because my dear husband has been sick for a few days. Whenever we are sick and stuck in our apartment it feels kind of icky and the time goes by about as fast as a snail's pace. But I did manage to make a trip to Goodwill and find a few treasures (according to me of course). I got a few sweaters, 2 books (the first two twilights to complete my collection :)) and two pictures that go together. They are of Monterrey and Golden Gate Park. Success! 

Today has been quite eventful so far...took Olive to the vet to get her fluids and nails clipped. Wrangling the cat into her crate is always a cardio session, then found out she needs to visit twice a month for fluids so that should be fun. Once Olive was done with the fluids the poor vet helpers were trying to clip her nails but she decided she was done for the day and I heard her screaming through the door.  When we came home the apartment complex was testing all the fire alarms in the building so we had the siren going off in the apartment intermittently for over an hour.  Where's the wine?? Mom, can it be 5:30 already for our happy hour? Pretty please? :) 

Treasure Hunting

Bonjour mon petite chatte!

Unfortunately the left picture has a reflection but you can at least see them

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