Monday, November 19, 2012

I am writing from our brand new computer. I don't know if I can accurately express how happy I am that I have a fully functioning computer that doesn't freeze up every 5 minutes, doesn't freak out when I want to run 2 programs at once and is virus free. Also a plus it came with a built in camera. 
Super excited that my family is coming up for Thanksgiving and I will be cooking my first holiday meal EVER. I am actually that old? When did I become an adult that is old enough to host a holiday at my own place?? Yikes. Hello reality check.  
The rain finally decided to show up here (a heavy rain that is). We have had such a dry fall that I was beginning to get a little worried because that's so not the norm.  And it's awfully chilly. I am trying really hard not to run the heater constantly because I don't want a surprise 200 dollar electric bill. Everything in our house is electric. No gas at all. :/ 
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to share from this weekend...we stayed inside all weekend for the most part. 
Also on a side note, 2 of my girlfriends got engaged in the past couple days! Love is in the air! 

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