Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 10

This evening I met up with some family friends, 2 brothers Eric and Paul and a few others, at a new brewery in Bellevue. It just opened in November. It was a really great time, the beer and food were both good and the company was great. Right after we got our beers the beer master came around the room asking if anyone was interested in seeing where the beer was made and processed. We all decided to go check it out in the room behind the dining room. Usually these kind of tours are very interesting and the tour guide is typically outgoing. Not this time. Two words: Beer Nerd. This guy was about my age I am guessing, he had very curly hair right below his ears and wore cargo pants with doc martins. He was everything I would imagine a young beer master to be. After about one minute of him talking he lost me. His tour was very monotone and very matter of fact. Unfortunately for me the speech lasted about ten minutes. At about the 8 minute mark some machinery starting going off and at that point I couldn't even hear the guy anymore, all I could do was try to read his lips but I just stared and drifted off in my own thoughts. My point being...if you are ever there don't take the "tour." :) For dinner I had the Cubano sandwich which was pork, cheese and pickle with an aioli sauce. It was delicious! To drink I had their amber ale and for dessert we all shared a homemade ice cream made with their oatmeal stout, brownie chunks and bacon pieces on top. YUM. 

My drive was pretty foggy. I was trying to capture the mystical looking freeway but it didn't quite come out. All well. 

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