Monday, January 21, 2013

Ravioli Adventure

Thursday night I decided to take on a new challenge...I made my own homemade raviolis. Over Thanksgiving, my parents brought up an old pasta maker my grandmother left for my mom to continue the pasta making legacy. Well, it ended up sitting in the garage so I asked them to bring it up for me to take a stab at it. To be honest, it wasn't nearly as difficult as I had expected, it just took a very long time to go through the whole process and finish. I started about 8:30 and didn't finish until about midnight. Now I know why several women would gather and make pasta together...make pasta all night while gabbing and having fun. Who wants to join me next time?! :) Also make note that making pasta goes very well with Maria Callas radio on pandora (if you enjoy opera that is). 
The end result wasn't a disappointment. I quite enjoyed the filling I made and the sauce I prepared to go with it was pretty good but I have already made mental notes on what to do next time. I will definitely make the dough a bit thinner as well as a different sauce and I will try the filling my grandma would make. I know this sounds like a total revamp but...I guess that's what happens when you experiment. I must say, I am very happy that they turned out as well as they did. Hooray. Here are some pictures. Sorry they are a little dark and slightly out of arms were slightly fatigued. haha. 

The instructions for the pasta maker are in Italian...I didn't feel like translating so I just figured it out myself

Fresh ingredients make for good filling

Please excuse my silly PJs. I was in for a long night so comfort was a high priority

Note to self: Buy ravioli cutter to make life easier

The finished product! 

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