Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter & Day 15

Winter is in full "bloom." And when I say bloom what I really mean by that is grey/dreary/ugly/cold weather. Yep...winter is in full swing and I can tell that I am starting to yearn for some sunshine. Our apartment is still littered with boxes and so the apartment doesn't feel cozy or homey anymore so I can't wait to get all settled into the new apartment and make it feel like home. We just have under a week to finish getting everything packed and ready to go bright and early Saturday morning. 
What I am really enjoying right now (thought I needed some positives after starting with the negatives :) ) is that I have a paying job, we are moving to the city (yay!) and that Brian and I can wine taste at our winery anytime we want for free. On the weekends when Brian and I get bored, we usually head to the winery, drink wine and chat with our two favorite gals we see every time. That totally happened yesterday. Dad, if you are reading this they have a new Sangiovese that is excellent! 

Day 15 - Brian's hunger got the best of him yesterday so we ordered a wild mushroom flat bread and also this salami and cheese plate. I must note that the cheese is from Beecher's which is to die for. Go if you are ever in the area. That's an order! 

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