Thursday, March 7, 2013

After living in Washington for a whole year (I can't even believe a year has gone by already) I still find myself surprised by Washingtonians at least once a week. Yesterday was two for the price of one! For the first time since we've moved to the city I actually drug my lazy bones to the gym. It felt great, yada yada. Let's get to the good part. Before heading back on the highway I needed gas so I stopped at a very busy station right before the bridge. I pull in and the only free spot was on the wrong side. Back home, all the hoses stretch so we are able to reach the other side if necessary. Well, stupid native Californian me, pulled in and tried to yank the hose to reach. Not the case. It didn't budge one bit. Of course there's somebody waiting behind me that I notice in my peripheral which is already annoying. So..I have no choice but to get back in the car and find a spot on the right side. As I am backing out, some girl in her really nice audi pulls in rather quickly and totally blocks me. If I wasn't paying attention and assuming people would know to wait one freaking second for me to get out I could have rammed right into her. HOWEVER, I am already aware of the fact that Washington houses the worst drivers in the U.S...I'm sure of it. So I had to stop so miss audi could get her car in. Ok, she's pulled into her spot so I step on the gas again to continue to back out. I slam on the breaks. Here she comes again right towards me and she needs to re-park to get closer apparently. Really?! I always ask myself the same question in the hell did these people get their license? I know it seems silly to post about this situation but I am seriously baffled by these drivers and my patience is wearing thin. Thin I tell ya. 
After I get out of that dang gas station I make my way back to Seattle and go to Trader Joes. It's raining, of course, and the store is in Capitol Hill by the university. Much to my surprise there are what seems like hoards of runners out! Wearing shorts! I don't know why I was surprised because people just go on with their lives despite of the rain and get outside. I can't say whether or not I will ever get to that point but it reminded me that just because it's raining doesn't mean I have to hibernate in my apartment. These are my boring stories and I'm sticking to them. Ciao!

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