Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Over the Weekend

This weekend my mom and brother came to visit from California. We had a lovely time and spent the whole weekend with family friends that were up here as well. Thankfully it didn't rain and was a tad bit warmer than it has been lately. On Friday night we went out in lower queen anne for dinner and drinks and ended up at a dueling piano bar that was rather entertaining and somehow my brother and I managed to get my mom up on stage because it was her birthday. Truthfully her birthday is next month, but why not celebrate a little early? ;) She was a great sport and sat up there and rocked out. Go mom! 

At the piano bar
Jeanette was looking for a mother of the bride dress so I sent this picture to her daughter as a joke and she believed me that she got this! I had a good chuckle
Brian and I got up early Saturday morning and took a little stroll

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