Monday, October 28, 2013


Yesterday Brian and I drove to Snoqualmie randomly and really enjoyed this VERY small town. We have actually been once before to see the falls but never wandered around their little town center. We arrived and noticed a lot of people with children dressed up in costumes lining up to get on this very old train. We found out you can take a ride to the falls and decided to partake in the fun. Once aboard we sat quickly and then just as quickly  moved down the train to a more "mature" car. Hoards of screaming and out of control children was just a little too much. I think what really threw me over the edge was this little boy, probably 4 or 5, kicking the foot rest violently over and over again and of course his dad just sat there letting him abuse this 100 year old train.  No thanks!! If you are going specifically for the falls it's best to drive there because you don't really get the best view from the train. By the end of the ride we were both frozen...we could see our breath inside the train. haha Note to self...bundle up next time!

 This couple above were making apple cider than you can drink for free! He was cranking that thing when we left on the train and came back...65 min. Talk about a supply of elbow grease!!

After the ride we wanted to go inside somewhere to get warm and grab a bite to eat. We found this taxadermy heaven. I loved they put that leg in the cat's mouth for halloween. Hilarious!

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