Thursday, December 12, 2013

Latest Inspirations

This last summer Brian and I got hooked onto this show called "Oddities." Anyone ever seen it? It's a reality show that follows the employees of this curiosity shop in NY. After watching ALL the episodes in a very short period of time we grew fascinated with all of these "bizarre things" taxidermy included. We still have yet to buy an oddity ourselves, but don't fret! It will happen at some point. We even talked jokingly about turning our cat into taxidermy after she passed and thought it would so hilarious we actually looked into it. However, it was a little more money than we were able to pay and the pose wasn't what we wanted either. So instead she rests in her little urn on our bookshelf. 
I have also recently been inspired by landscapes and plants, the leaves more so than the actual flowers, and decided to google image search Natural History Taxidermy. After scanning all the pictures I realized I need to visit the Burke Natural History Museum here in Seattle. Here are a few pictures I found on google that I really liked. Random post but it's my blog and I can do what I want! bwahahaha :)

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