Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Addicted to Coffee

Yesterday I woke up and decided to not have any coffee...I felt slightly dehydrated so I wanted to drink water instead. Well, I had a splitting headache all day!!! I realized I am addicted to the caffeine from my morning coffee. So, needless to say I had my coffee this morning. I did not want to go another day with a splitting headache. And boy did I enjoy it. 
So this Sunday Brian and I decided to "take a nice drive" somewhere not knowing exactly where we were going to end up. We drove to the Everett harbor first and then took a road which led us to Marysville. Well, since this little road trip we decided we were going to plan our destinations from here on out. To give you an idea of what Marysville was like, all the people walking around literally were on drugs, drug dealers, alcoholics, and no one was up to no good. It was very depressing and shocking all at once. I have NEVER seen a town like this in my entire life. I think Brian put it best and said, "they are like ghosts and ghouls walking around." That's what they looked like, sickly pale, almost a gray color which usually is a tell tale sign of a drug addict, and young people walking into the cemetery looking very shady...every. single. person.  It was like a dark cloud was over the entire city. Eeeks. We both left that town feeling very depressed. Before this trip I would always think to myself that Everett has quite a few shady people (which they do!) and a dark cloud hovering,  but now I am grateful I live in Everett, with a slight cloud cover, and not Marysville! All it takes is a few minutes to realize your blessings. It can ALWAYS be worse. 
On a happy note, I discovered the band Alabama Shakes. I really like them! Here is a song to leave you with:

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