Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We all have certain bands that are dear to our hearts...when you put on a certain track it takes you right back to that place you heard the song for the very first time or where you would listen to it a thousand times over and over. Well, for me that band is Coldplay. Coldplay was my favorite band for a few years and I pretty much listened to them until I could no longer hear one more song because I overplayed every single song. Well, today I decided to listen to their music and time travel back to 2002-2003ish. As much as I am enjoying their music (as I type) I also feel super homesick now! Danget. Coldplay makes me think of taking long drives on the old PCH highway at night in my old Camry stationwagon with Sarah as my faithful passenger. We would go on drives quite often just to listen to music and smell the ocean. Coldplay also makes me think of my mom because she enjoys Coldplay just as much as I do. Love you  Mom!! <3 

(Volume:LOUD is a must!!) 

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