Monday, May 21, 2012

Over the Weekend

Well this weekend was pretty dang relaxing. Friday Brian got off work early which was a nice surprise. We skyped with his parents and I roasted a chicken with mashed sweet potatoes and corn bread. By the way, the corn bread mix from trader joes is SO good! Highly recommend it. Saturday we slept in, watched some tv then went wine tasting at the winery we recently joined. That was definitely one thing I missed from back home was the little winery we belonged to in summerland. After tasting some vino we wanted to grab some lunch. Brian was really craving a hamburger so we saw this place called teddys. All was fine and dandy until we got our total - $32 bucks!!! All we got was 2 burgers with fries and a drink and it wasn't even served to us. Brian told the girl he has never spent that much for a burger before. So true! Good grief. It tasted great, but so not worth the money. So needless to say we won't be back. Sunday after church we had had a potluck brunch at our friends Noah and Rachel's house. I was in food heaven...mimosas, homemade keish, bagels and homemade lox, and fruit salad with a marscapone whipped cream. I ate WAY too much but I just couldn't help myself. Who could?! Now back to In other news, last week I joined a local community orchestra here in Everett. It consists of mostly retired senior citizens but it will be a great group to help dust the cobwebs off of my viola. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Ill leave you with my song of the day.  I just discovered this super cute icelandic band. 

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