Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yesterday and today have been overcast and drizzly...feels like winter time. So last night  I decided to make soup out of the chicken carcass I roasted the other day. It was a perfect night for soup and leftovers today. Unfortunately orchestra practice was cancelled tonight due to another group using the stage. So I will have to wait until next week. 

Things I am loving this week so far: 

-Last night we watched the movie The Darjeeling Limited. I suppose I am on an Anderson film kick. For me I know I've watched a good movie when I am left feeling like I was sucked into that world for an hour and a half. 
Wes Anderson movies do that to me

-Marc Maron's podcast on Itunes "wtf" Warning: Offensive Language

-The National (sometimes there is nothing better than some melancholy music on cloudy gloomy days)

-Olive taking naps on my lap while I am at my computer

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