Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The sun is finally shining through my window again! It's been quite a few days without it so I really appreciate any sun I can possibly get. Brian's parents arrived in Olympia, Washington last night so I think they brought some California sun with them. Hallelujah! I could do with a tad less rain during summer. Running errands around town I find it funny that the locals are the ones complaining about how they hate the rain and that they are going crazy from lack of sunlight. I kind of want to say, "why do you choose to live here then?" where the sun doesn't shine that often. Strange. 
I went to orchestra practice last night and I can tell some people have been practicing. Phew! Still, the strings are the worst section. haha. Our conductor Dan was talking about doing sectionals in the future and I kind of dread doing that with our violas. There is one lady in particular that bothers me only because she gives off the vibe that she has been playing for a long time now and I can see her totally taking over even though she isn't the best viola player. Every time I sit next to her she gives me little pointers like, "this is what totally helped me on this part" and of course I am nice and smile and nod meanwhile thinking, lady, I played this part way better than you and was actually in tune! All well. Such is life I suppose. I am learning that no matter how old we get the what I would like to call "high school/immature issues" never go away. HELP. 
Here are some pics of the glorious sun :)

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