Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Well I mentioned yesterday that I was going to turn in my resume to Nordstrom. It didn't end up working out how I had originally planned unfortunately. My computer had a virus so last week Brian had to completely wipe my computer and start over. So I had saved my resume in my email in case something like this happened and I would need it. So I go to open it and all I see is foreign code...no resume. I immediately panic and thought maybe I don't have the right program to open it up. So because I don't have Microsoft Word I download the Word Viewer program which is what I used to create the document. Well, that didn't work either of course. So not only can I not open the dang thing I have lost all my work resulting in me having to redo the whole thing. SO annoying. I had to call the girl at Nordstrom, tell her I wouldn't be able to make it and create a whole new resume. So to say the least I was a tad irritated. All I can say is I CANNOT  wait to get a new computer!! And one with Word already on it for crying out loud. So after I realized the my resume file was not working/corrupted, all the resumes I had sent out applying for jobs here was wasted energy. I am still annoyed thinking about that. 
But I ended the evening in a good mood. I went to the store and got a couple steaks and spinach for creamed spinach and had that for my birthday dinner. Lately Brian and I have been watching all the reality cooking shows and because we have watched so much I get little tips here and there on technique, flavors, etc. So last night I cooked my first proper steak. I was so proud of myself. haha However, because I had to cook it at such a high temp. the smoke alarms went off twice and we have 3 of them in our little apartment. Slightly overkill. So I was just glad the steaks came out right and the spinach was tasty as well. Poor Olive took refuge under the couch and we had to lure her out with treats. So all in all my birthday was an ordinary day and I am so glad I was able to share it with this guy! He makes any ordinary day wonderful. 

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  1. The Lafferty boys are one in a million. (: Can you come over and cook for us now? I am on curry overload...