Thursday, July 19, 2012

Time To Put My Thinking Cap On

So this morning I decided I should probably do some research on what to expect when I go into my interview next week for Anthropologie. Lucky for me there are plenty of forums with good information from people who have went through the process. One scary thing I've seen almost everyone mention is that I will have to put together an outfit for an imaginary customer...whoever they choose. Yikes! The one thing I have going for me is that it IS can you not put together an amazing outfit? I was beginning to get a little nervous seeing all the questions I should prepare for so I was easily distracted with discovering new blogs. Brian doesn't know this yet but I will definitely be picking his brain and having him help me with my answers since he has to interview people quite often at his job. I will also need to find something to wear! I wouldn't normally freak out about an outfit but because this job is all about fashion I need to make sure I pick out the right clothes. Oh boy...anxiety setting in. 

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