Monday, July 23, 2012

Lewis-McChord Air Force Base

Yesterday I went to my very first air show. We were meeting Brian's cousins Dan and Leanne and two of their friends. Before we hit the road I was feeling kind of lazy and didn't really feel like driving for an hour but I am so glad we did. We got to see tons of planes on the ground as well as shows in the air. The last show we stayed for was a 90 year old man flying a plane from world war 2 and a young guy flying today's modern air force plane. I was thankful I happened to be wearing sunglasses because I cried a little! Yesterday for the first time in quite a while I really felt emotional and had tons of pride for our country. I would totally go again next year and look forward to it. (Another bonus was "fair food" and drinks!) 

The boys inside one of the plane

A little hard to see...the 90 yr old and the young guy flying next to each other 
Our view...a little rain and fog never stopped Washingtonians from doing anything

Dan explaining something technical that I will never understand 

I loved this pin up girl on the plane!

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