Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Midweek Excitement

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a full day...and it won't end until Monday (it will be a sad parents are leaving). Because I have my interview today I was on a rampage to find the perfect outfit. Lucky for me I was able to find a cute dress right across the street at TJ Maxx. I bought a few dresses to bring home then I took back the ones I didn't choose. Here's what I'm wearing: 

I picked this dress because blue is always a soothing color, it will go with a ton of stuff and I love the sleeves and lacy look. So hopefully it will serve me well! 
I was also able to meet up with my cousins last night for dinner. Aaron works for Boeing down in Long Beach but had to come up to this location for some meetings. They have a little boy Alexander (we call him Xander) and a little girl on the way. Last time I saw him was 1 year ago for Ian's graduation so now he is 3 years old, talking up a storm and is so stinking cute I could hardly stand it. We went to dinner at this place called Demitris in Edmonds. It overlooks the water, the ferry and there are trains that go by quite often which was the most exciting thing for Xander. It was a tapas style place so we tried several small dishes which is always fun. I will definitely be going back! The highlight at the end of the night was Xander choosing me to help him put on his pjs. More like wrangling him in like a wild animal and getting him to sit still so I could swiftly put him in that pj jumper. 

Xander and dad

Enjoying dessert

He was surprised that the dessert wasn't all for him


The train was coming

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  1. ok...i LOVE that dress. oh how I miss TJ Max and Marshalls. I miss cute clothing in general. Stop it. just stop. your killing me.