Monday, July 30, 2012

Visitors Pt. 3

I am so happy that my parents finally came up here to Washington for a visit!! I wish it wasn't such a short visit but hopefully next time will be a bit longer. Overall we had great weather (aka no rain) and sunshine. This morning I woke up early to take them back to the airport and spent the car ride back home sulking. But I know I will cheer up by tomorrow and busy myself with chores, cooking and a couple little projects I am going to try. (Sorry in advance for all the space needle pictures!)

Day 1:  my parents and I toured downtown Seattle and Pikes Market

Mom trying some chocolate fettuccine 

Some CREEPY doll in an antique shop

Day 2: Parents wanted to go back to Seattle and hang out

Perfect day for the space needle

Mom and I with our vino at the top

Brian made my dad wear this ridiculous hat

Mom thought it was hilarious

We always have to buy cheese curds down in pikes market

Day 3: Wine tasting in Woodinville & Tulalip Casino

Dad walking to the casino with a stogie 

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