Monday, August 20, 2012


I have lived through my first camping expedition here in Washington! To be honest, I was slightly nervous just because my last trip back home several years ago was a tad scarring. I not only survived but had a blast. We drove about an hour outside of town which led us to some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen in my life. It's amazing here in Washington there is so much forest all it takes is an hour drive. And just to give you an idea, if you've seen the Twilight movies it looks exactly like that. Incredible. Our camp site was right outside of Skykomish along the river. When we arrived Friday evening it was super warm and very humid...I don't know why I was wearing pants. A couple people had already been at camp since Thursday so everything was all set up pretty much except for our little boy scout triangle tent and chairs. 
Saturday morning the boys got up very early to go fishing and by the time they came back we were getting ready for breakfast and heading out to Leavenworth, this little Bavarian town, to go tubing along the river. It was super warm and sunny, perfect for getting some sun and floating slowly down the river. When we were packing up the tubes into the truck the guy said it would take a good 3 hours to get down...well it actually took about 4-4 1/2 hours! It was quite the trek but so much fun and beautiful. I told Brian we need to drive back to Leavenworth for Oktoberfest for sure. 
We all pitched in for the food and were in charge of one meal. So Brian and I just brought brats and coleslaw because we thought that was super easy to make. Well, much to my surprise our fellow campers were able to make these awesome meals with all of their cooking equipment. We were having stew, corn cake, peach cobbler, bacon, pancakes, sausage, brisket hash, bacon s'mores...I mean, seriously, how can I go back to eating terrible canned food after this experience! We had a dutch oven, 2 iron skillets, 2 stove tops, and a percolator for our morning coffee. I felt pretty dang spoiled by everyone. So thanks for feeding me so well!! Brian and my drink of choice throughout the trip was our pack of Coors. It was glorious and the perfect camping beer. I blame my dad for that. 
I would really like to go camping once more before the weather turns so hopefully Brian and I can do that together. So now we are back home and back to our routine with 20 bug bites and sore muscles. So sad. I am excited for tomorrow however because Leah and Mike are rolling through town on their way to Vancouver. So they will come to check out our digs and have some lunch before they get back on the road. Yay! Here are a few pictures from our trip...I wish I had taken more but I didn't want my phone to get ruined. 

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