Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little Things

This is week has pretty much flown by. What else is new?? This week has been full of applying for jobs, trying to get things done around the house before camping and working out (kind of). haha I have done more than usual this week so I am pretty stoked. On Saturday we are leaving our camp site to go tubing in Leavenworth so the thought of having to get into a bathing suit has me panicking a little bit. And on top of that I just might blind everyone with my white white white body. haha It is slightly alarming how white just my legs are. I guess that's what happens when you live in Washington eh? But here are a couple things that I have really enjoyed this week...nothing major but it's the little things that I love most. 

A little bit of Bailys

I just love getting new nail polish


  1. I think Brian will make you look tan. (: Hope you had fun CAMPING and HIKING!!! Is this your first time since our little adventure in Big Sur?! Washington is making you so outdorsy. I am proud of you for "roughing it". haha.

  2. Yes, this was the first camping trip since ours. I was pretty scarred. hahaha