Monday, August 27, 2012

Over The Weekend

This weekend was jam packed! Usually after a long week of work for Brian he just wants to veg out and keep it low key. This weekend...totally opposite. We were go go go. Saturday afternoon we took a drive to Snoqualmie Falls...such a pretty drive! I just love driving on the 90 east towards Spokane going through Issaquah. The terrain is very hilly and is completely covered in trees. Then after the falls we decided to drive through downtown Issaquah just to take a look and see if Brian remembered anything. He said he might have remembered one store. It was a very small and cute downtown. Once we got home Brian was looking up something to do that evening. We chose going to a concert at the Neptune Theater featuring the Seattle Rock Orchestra playing Arcade Fire. We went into the city a tad early to buy tickets then decided to grab a drink before hand. We ended up at this really cute place called Flowers restaurant and bar. The inside is super cute - checkered floor, mirrored ceiling, cute little chairs and a fun wood bar. Every day they serve a vegetarian buffet that I really want to try...maybe next weekend! Anyways, we met a couple people (thanks to Brian, of course) and then went on to our concert. I haven't had that much fun in a while. I was slightly skeptical about the show...I pictured this string orchestra playing songs of one of my favorite bands and to be honest, butchering them. But boy was I wrong. They had the full string orchestra, electric bass and guitar, keyboard player, 4 singers (two boys and two girls) and one of the girls played the accordion. They were so good!! I pretty much cut a rug for 2 hours. If I had that much fun listening to this group...I just can't imagine how I'd feel seeing the real deal. I'll probably blow a gasket. 
Sunday we drove back to Seattle to the Pacific Science Center to see the King Tut exhibit. That was super cool...although I was slightly disappointed they didn't have a real mummy. But it was still amazing to see. After that exhibit we rushed over to the Butterfly Garden. That was a total's so beautiful to see all these butterflies just flying around you not even bothered by us. I told Brian, my dream is to have a butterfly land on me. Sure enough...I acquired a friend and he wouldn't leave! He stayed on my arm for a good 10 minutes then on my head. I did get pooped on but I suppose that just comes with the territory when you befriend a butterfly. So needless to say, last night I slept very good. I was pretty pooped but it was totally worth it!!  

Hard to tell but he's on my head

Pacific Science Center

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