Monday, October 1, 2012


Much to my surprise we still have no rain. (???) Any day now I keep thinking. The temperature is definitely more chilly which is quite nice. Now this is what I call perfect October weather so I don't want to jinx it!  
This weekend was pretty low key. Friday night Brian and I tried a new thai restaurant...not as good as the one we like in my opinion but still good. Saturday Brian and I drove to Stanwood, a tiny town a bit north of us, to go look at a pink velvet loveseat which I saw on craigslist. Unfortunately it was in worse condition than it looked online. It was VERY dirty and had a very musty smell (aka would lead to a smelly apartment). If I knew how to reupholster couches I would definitely buy it. I'll stick with chairs for now. So now I am back on craigslist on the hunt. After checking out the couch we were looking to grab a bite to eat so we ended up at this converted fire house to beer/pub called Leatherheads. It was delicious!! I had a reuben sandwich which was to die for. Corned beef/sauerkraut/cheese = heaven. On top of that we had pumpkin ale by blue moon with cinnamon and sugar on the rim. That was a first for me and boy am I glad we discovered that. SO good. 
Yesterday we went to the Future of Flight/Boeing museum tour. That was very interesting and super close to us. It's crazy and slightly frightening to think that thousands of humans are putting together these planes we ride in every day thousands of miles up in the sky. Anyone else find that mind boggling? Incredible what humans can do when working together. 
I have been browsing online at fabrics for the dining room chairs...all the ones I have really liked are of course out of stock. :( Danget! So I am on the hunt for fabrics as well. I'll post a couple pictures of the fabrics I am really loving. Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

I was stoked to find this skull Obey tshirt at goodwill for $3...realized that night after wearing it all day it was glow in the dark :/ NERD ALERT

Tried the Singapore Slinger...pretty much the same as a Dirty Shirley. Yum!

Took a stroll by Silverlake yesterday late afternoon

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