Monday, November 26, 2012

Post Turkey Day

Thanksgiving was great this year! I hosted my first Thanksgiving/holiday at my apartment. We were indeed packed into my little apartment like sardines but it was great to be able to cook for my family and have them stay here. (Next year hopefully we will have a bigger place! 5 people + 1 bathroom does not equal a positive equation in this case) I made all of the traditional thanksgiving food with the help of my dear madre and it went so smoothly and the food turned out great. How do I know that you ask? Well...Thanksgiving is my dad's favorite meal EVER and he is very picky when it comes to this meal. He had 3 plates Thursday night and 3 plates the next day of leftovers. I did try a new side that I really enjoyed and will make again for any occasion...butternut squash caponata. 
Today I am making turkey soup with the leftover turkey. My favorite! I will add pictures later when I get them uploaded onto my computer. Unfortunately I didn't get that many because I was pretty busy. Dang.

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