Monday, December 31, 2012

Holiday Time

Brian and I are now back in Washington after spending some time in California with our families. It was so nice to get away for a bit, enjoy time with family and friends, oh yeah, and get some sun! :) 
For quite a while after we moved up here I would call Ventura home. But after being up here for almost a year I caught myself referring to WA as home now. I think I have finally made the adjustment and was happy to come back to our apartment, Olive and just be home. Brian and I have a couple exciting things coming up in the new year with Brian's new job and finding a new apartment closer to his work. Pretty excited. 
I hope everyone has a great New Years and be safe.

Seatac has the best window to watch the planes go by

Grabbing a beer during a layover is the best way to entertain yourself when flying solo

My Franky baby

I can still see two trees from the kitchen window

Miss Kristy w/ American flag glasses-a must for next july!

My pretty mom

First day of snow this winter

Santa Cruz sticker in my building elevator?! 

Mister Moose

Bubble Gum Alley

Sally with her Moose

Christmas Eve Dinner

My morning present from Brian

Christmas Dinner Ham

Dad manning the bar

Setting up my dad's childhood train-still works!

Date night with Rosa

Brunch date with my girls

The lovely Puget Sound


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