Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Today has been a pretty typical day. Brian had to work so I have been puttering around the house getting things done and taking Miss Olive to the vet for her fluids. Last night Brian came home early so I made a nice dinner....Sole fish with a lemon butter & herb sauce and mashed potatoes. It turned out great thankfully! Fish is not my forte so I am trying to practice it more. And the night wouldn't have been complete without the champagne! 
Unfortunately the garbage disposal decided to poop out last night so our sink has been out of order since and the dishes keep slowly piling up. All well. I can't do anything about it until tomorrow when the maintenance person comes. I was tempted to do dishes in the bathtub but....nah. It just feels wrong. haha! 
Last night a midst the Dick Clark special on tv and having fun, Brian and I made our New Years goal lists. I have always had goals in mind every year and let's be honest, I never achieve them, but I have actually written them down this time so it feels slightly more official and I reeeeeally hope I can follow through this time. This is the year! One of my goals is to take a picture every day of something that makes me happy. Why not?

Gorgeous sunrise yesterday! 

Brian desperately trying to unplug the sink. 

Thank you Trader Joes for the excellent champagne


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