Monday, February 4, 2013

Apartment: Before

We are in our new apartment! It's been a long, sweaty, sore muscles kind of weekend. After two days of hard work we have unpacked everything...all is done except hanging up pictures and decorations. We have about one more load of odds and ends to pick up at the old apartment tonight and hopefully the last. My little Olive has been discontent with all the moving but today she seems relaxed and hopefully feeling more at home. My diet has completely consisted of pizza mostly and some delicious ramen at a place near our apartment. I can already tell we will be going back there frequently! Here are some pictures of the before and once we get all the decor up I'll show you the after. Ciao!

My little kitchen

A built in bookcase...hopefully we have enough stuff to fill it/The wall color looks much darker than it really is. It's actually a grey/very light blue. 

Part of the living room/dining area

This light is definitely going! 
I'll show you the bedrooms when they are all finished. Until then there is nothing really to look at. 

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