Friday, February 1, 2013


Welp, this is my last night here in this bedroom, in this apartment, here in the city of Everett. As far back as I can remember (since we've been up here that is) I couldn't wait to get out of here...out of this apartment complex and out of this city. Now that we are all packed up and ready to move I think I just might miss it a little. I will miss looking out my bedroom window every morning at the trees (and Petco a little past those lovely trees), I will miss Banfield right across the street (literally) and Trader Joes just down the street. It's in the suburbs is SO convenient but I'm certain living in the city will be pretty wonderful. Change is always bittersweet and I am ready for this next chapter. I had hoped for no rain tomorrow on our moving day and I think I just might get my wish! We will see...this weather could go away by morning. You never know around here. 

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