Monday, July 22, 2013

Acrobatics & Alpacas

This weekend Brian and I had fun trying some new things and going to new places. Saturday we attended a birthday party in the evening at the Hyatt in Bellevue. I have only been out to Bellevue twice now (to enjoy dinner and drinks) and both times without a doubt felt like I didn't quite belong there. Meaning there are always fancy expensive cars parked out front, all the girls look like they could be the cast of "real housewives of Bellevue" and the men are typically "bro"ish. It's just not my style is all. So, one of the redeeming things about this party was the entertainment. There was a lady, and when I say lady I really mean she wasn't a young gal (mid to late 40's?), who did acrobatics. So that was certainly fun to watch and also slightly embarrassing as I have the flexibility of an 80 year old and actually in my 20's. 

Sunday Brian and I went to Kirkland. We had lunch, walked around the street fair and checked out the boat show. The boats were beautiful, most were the typical boats you see on the lake and then there was this little one on the end that truly belonged in the movie Moonrise Kingdom. I wanted it!! We came across this alpaca petting station and of course I had to stop and pet. This alpaca in particular was so funny because as he was eating carrots out of my hand he was whining uncontrollably. It was the funniest sound! And boy were these animals hungry/greedy! It was like a shark pit in there. 

Once we were home we went for a bike ride and I got a great leg workout. Yikes I'm out of shape but it was really nice to do together on a sunny day. 


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  1. Looks like a lovely weekend! I hear you on emulating an 80 year old; if I even sleep at an odd angle, my back is in pain for a week! X