Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fox Hollow Family Farm

Brian surprised me yesterday with a day off in the midst of his 12 day in a row shift. Yay! We took the opportunity to visit the pumpkin patch while it wasn't raining and too gross outside. There are a few places to go in the area but we decided to drive to Issaquah and visit this one since it's close and the drive is always so nice. We arrived at this family farm and it was adorable! They had it all decorated beautifully and it was very obvious this wasn't their first rodeo. I honestly felt like I was visiting Martha Stewart's place or on a movie set! We had a blast wandering around the property, eating pumpkin pie, drinking hot cider and enjoying the animals.

 The Piggies
 Jack-O-Lantern Lane
 Brian hogging the pumpkin pie!
 Peacocks on the roof? Ok

 The house behind the farm
 We saw salmon swimming up the river

 I snuck up on this peacock and snapped a picture before he ran away

 Mr. Sheep

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