Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Well this 3 day weekend sure went by fast...probably because were on the move for most of it. Friday night we always stay home, make dinner so Brian can unwind from the busy work week. Saturday we went to our first Mariner's game, which was a total surprise to me. Brian's work took the whole team to a game for making goal for the month of September...he forgot to tell me until Friday night. Luckily I hadn't made any plans!! It was a fun game, especially since they were playing against the LA Angels. You know who I was rooting for! And of course the Angels won. Maybe I was their good luck charm. It was a perfect day for a baseball game...the weather was sunny and warm. Although we were seated in direct sunlight for about 3 hours and I stupidly wore jeans. I was pure sweat from my neck down. I even got a tan line on my nose from my sunglasses. Nice. Sunday we went to a BBQ that one of Brian's clients was hosting. That was a blast. There was tons of yummy food, beer and fun company. This is what an american labor day BBQ is all about right? Yesterday we drove to Cabela's to sell my gun then afterwards we drove down the road to the outlet mall and got some goodies. Packed weekend. 
Still waiting to hear if a job is going to turn out...I don't want to talk about it until I get an affirmative answer. I don't want to jinx it! It would certainly be nice if I got it. 
I hope everyone had a great weekend.   

Somehow we always end up scrunched in the corner of the couch

This is taxidermy central, aka Cabela's. If you haven't heard of it, look it up. It was quite frightening the first time I came across this mountain of dead animals. Not in CA anymore!

Taking a sip from Dennis' mug. Any kind of booze that was brought to this party was definitely in that mug, including a few chips that Brian threw in there towards the end of the night to see if he'd notice. The answer is yes. 

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