Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You guys, yesterday I actually pulled off a prank! It was SO fun. In the late afternoon I went to the local drug store to pick up some essentials and I decided to wander down the halloween isle just to see what kind of decor they had. I came across this hideous looking rat. It had two big teeth coming out and gross long tail. I immediately thought, oh, I wonder if I could get Brian with this. I decided to buy it. When checking out the guy laughed just looking at this rat and I told him my plan to play a prank on my husband and he laughed even harder and told me to put it on Youtube. Well, I'm not that cruel. hehe So I got home and put it strategically in his underwear drawer and actually forgot about it. When he got home and was going through his drawer I heard him yell "AAAHHH!" I came running into the room laughing and still in disbelief that I actually pulled it off. Then I kindly reminded him of when he did the exact same thing to me about 3 years ago :)


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